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Advergreen Digital is a Meta Business Partner and we help local service businesses like yours generate leads and sales with social media marketing like Facebook Ads.

We've been there, and we get it.

Struggling With Facebook Ads Since iOS 14?

If you are a local business owner, you may be familiar with Facebook Ads. It's very tempting to jump right in, but there is so much to learn. When you get into it, it's often too overwhelming to get started. Especially when there is a constant battle for privacy!

Are you having a hard time knowing what to do and what not to do especially after the iOS14 update?
Too much fine-tuning of your ads and are having trouble keeping up with Facebook's changes?
Also, running ads based solely on your sixth sense and without strategy, research and testing?

Our Facebook Ads Creative Portfolio

Start Generating Leads with Sales for Your Business with Facebook Ads

Our Facebook Ads Creative Portfolio

Start Generating Leads with Sales for Your Business with Facebook Ads


How We Create High ROI for Your Business with The Right Strategy

(1) Targeting

Target your perfect customers.

Find your perfect customers with Advergreen Digital. Reach the right people for your services by testing different interest audiences and creatives. Increase engagement and conversions with us.

(2) Retargeting

Retarget your potential customers.

With retargeting, you can reach people who have shown interest in you and your business. We will create ads on Facebook that are personal to each customer and help you turn that interest into a sale.

(3) Retention

Boost your customer lifetime value.

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. And the best way to get them to like you is through rewards. Offer discounts and other incentives to increase your customer lifetime value.

(4) Scaling

Reach your ideal lookalike customers.

We help you in scale with the power of Facebook’s targeting algorithms to reach those who are already predisposed to buy from you. With lookalike audiences, we ensure that your marketing dollars are well spent.

3 Simple Steps to Get Your Service Business in The Game

We meet up online for a free 30-min strategy session.

We develop your marketing plan that fits your unique service business.

We implement the solutions and delivers results to you as fast as 30 days.

Guaranteed Risk-Free Offer

30-Min Strategy Session

S$199 FREE

Marketing Strategy Consultation

Facebook Ads Audit

Customise Unique Solutions

Two-month Trial Period

50% OFF

Facebook Ads Management

Campaign A/B Testing

Sales Funnel Optimisation

Why you should choose Advergreen Digital

Marketing is the biggest hurdle for most business owners. You know you need to market but you don’t want to waste money on ads that don’t work.

You might be hesitant to trust a local small business marketing agency with your precious ad budget. However, we can show you how you can get amazing results without breaking the bank.

We are Meta Business Partner and create ROI for local service companies like yours.
We offer a full service to ensure you get the results you want within 30-60 days.
We offer you the "Buy One, Get One Month FREE" package so you can test our service.
If there is no conversion within 60 days, we will give you 50% of your money back.

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We promise to help you get the ROI that you deserve.

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During the 30-min Zoom video call, we will:

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  2. Review your Facebook Ads account.
  3. Develop your unique strategy.
  4. Share with you our exclusive offer.
  5. Answer you any question you have.